Let’s Meet Rocco. This 10-year-old  dachshund has beautiful wavy reddish brown hair. 

I visit Rocco when his fur parents go on vacation. Rocco has Intervertebral Disc Disease, commonly known as IVDD.  He ruptured three disks in his back in 2018, and two more disks in 2019. After the second surgery in 2019, the doctor said there was damage to his spine, so he has no  use of his back legs.  Rocco still has use of his front legs though and he can move faster then some dogs I’ve seen.  His Veterinarian Specialists gave him special wheels for him to use to assist in his mobility, but he refuses to use it. Rocco wants his own independence to move about, and let me tell you, he can!! 

Along with the lack of use of his back legs comes his inability to pee on his own. So as part of our visit, we have to express his bladder and make sure it’s empty. 

Some people tmay want to use labels such as “special needs dog.” We like to think of Rocco as a dog that needs extra love and attention, as he has no limitations. 

He has a heart of gold and the ability to make you melt when you see him. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with Rocco because of his determination and love for life!!

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