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Daytime dog walking is pet sitting on a weekly, ongoing basis. A daytime dog walker is usually hired to walk or visit dogs that need a regular break during the busy work day.

A dog walker may be scheduled for daily visits, or just a few days week, often once or twice a day depending on your work schedule and the needs of the animal.

The most common dog walking visits are about 30 minutes long.

With “in-home pet care” the pet is home in its own environment, with all the sights and sounds they’re used to. Sometimes travel is stressful for a pet, so remaining home can avoid unnecessary anxiety. With an in-home pet care service, the pet is getting one-on-one care by one sitter, versus “boarding” where they may have 3 or 4 attendants working with several animals. Also, with “ boarding”, your pet may be more exposed or susceptible to disease because of the exposure to several animals.

It is our mission at C. Barley Pet Services to provide exceptional service to our pet(s) and their pet parents. We make it our mission to adhere to a core set of morals and values in everyday decision making. These values are honesty, respect, compassion, and to be good stewards of our community. We believe that every decision, task, or duty is held up to these main core values. It is our duty to hold a business license in the Town of Bluffton and Unincorporated Beaufort county to take care of your pet(s), and it’s our obligation to make sure that the pet(s) and the pet parents are protected.

We provide both our furry clients and our pet parents with a high level of professional care. We make sure that your precious pet is well cared for and will miss you as little as possible, so that your time away from home will be far less stressful for them.

There are several ways you can get ahold of us here at the “furry headquarters”. You can call us at 843-540-5049 or email at: [email protected]. You can also click on the PORTAL button on the Contact page of our website and fill in your name and email, then hit create an account. In the portal you can request pet care services and I will get back to you with confirmation.

Absolutely! Usually 7 days prior to the services requested. This is a time where we get together prior to the requested pet care services to go over details. This is an opportunity for me to meet the pet(s) and pet parent to see if it is a good fit. Prior to consultation, you would have already had an opportunity to go to the PORTAL and fill out all the specifics on your home and especially your pet(s). Basically, at the end of this meeting, we would all be on the same page and ready to move forward to caring for your furry friends!!

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