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We provide several in-home pet care plans that promote uninterrupted daily care for your fur babies. Each pet care plan is individually customized to the already established daily routine. Our in-home pet care sessions are scheduled on a first come/first serve basis. We try to accommodate all our clients and their fur babies needs as best we can. We require at least seven (7) days notice to schedule regular pet care sessions. However, for holidays we ask for as much advanced notice as possible (months prior), as they book up fast. If there is something that you want for your pet that is not listed, don’t be afraid to ask us. We provide nothing but above-board service with high professional accountability. 

The prices shown are for the defined service area of Bluffton (the town of Bluffton and Unincorporated Beaufort County Bluffton) from Fording Island Road at the entrance to Bluffton going west to 170. The area includes everything from Moss Creek going west on 278 to Berkeley Hall then 170 south to New Riverside Road and everything going east into Old Town Bluffton to River Brighton Oaks. This encompasses everything on the Bluffton Parkway to 170 and everything south of 278 to 170. The price structure is laid out below.

Cat Sessions


Per Session

Additional per cat after 3: $6.00

Your cat deserves the best. Our in-home cat pet care plans include some one-on-one time to cuddle and spend time with your furry feline friend. When you are away and you need us to step in, we’re ready and able. Experienced cat sitters will be there for you.

We recommend that your cat has at least two caretaker visits a day for feeding, cleaning, and companionship.

If more than 4 cats, more time will be required.

Dog Sessions


Per Session

Additional per dog after 2: $12.00

Your dog is accustomed to spending time with you every day. Our dog-specific pet care plans make your fur kids get that extra love and attention they need when you’re away. When your in-home pet care session takes place, we do so much more than just ensure your pet is cared for physically, we make sure that they are cared for emotionally too.

Caged Animals


Per Session

Additional after 3 animals: $6.00

Your small pets require care too. They need the same kind of love and care that larger pets get. That’s why we also have in-home pet care plans for the smallest of pets — including rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, etc. 

Dog Walking


Starting Per Week

This service is set up for the client that wants regular dog walking services daily. Clients that request 16 or more regularly-scheduled walks during a calendar month (commensurate to four (4) or more walks per week) for at least two (2) consecutive months are eligible to receive the special weekly rate.


Dog Walking Packages

1 time per day for 5 days: $92

2 times a day for 5 days: $184

2 times a day for 7 days: $253

Bird Visits


Per Session

The average bird will have about 4 hours of interaction with their owner during the course of the day. If you’re not available to step in for your bird’s care, we’re here to help. In home bird care is one of the things that we do best.

Additional per bird after 3: $6.00

Hotel/Resort Sitting


Per Hour

We welcome out of town animals that accompany their pet parents on vacation or business.  Our company is here to provide any support services such as coming to your hotel/resort to walk and feed your animal. 

If you want to stay out late or take off for the whole day without worrying about the care of your animal, we offer services to keep your animal’s routine as little disturbed as possible.

Overnight Services


Per night

Offered 8 pm-6 AM

Includes evening feeding (night before), morning feeding, watering, and walking.

We also can spend the night with your fur baby to provide comfort, security, and peace of mind knowing someone is watching your home. Your fur baby will get extra special love and care.

Additional Time


Per 15 min

All our services are timed based to make scheduling easier on both the pet parent and the pet sitter. If you would like us to spend more time with your fur-babies, other then what has already been contracted, then just ask and we would be happy to accommodate based on our schedule at that given time. Also, if you have multiple pets, more time will be necessary to provide the proper care they deserve and need. We bill in 15-minute increments or portion thereof.

Emergency Service


Per Session

Regular Pet Service rates plus $25

The emergency special service is for those people who have an unexpected emergency and have not used any C.Barley Pet Services before. As any service requires a previous meeting at least 24 hours earlier, there may not be enough time between the potential client having an emergency and needing the service.  We will try to accommodate the best we can, based on our schedule at that time.

In this case, for a small extra fee, the initial meeting can be less than 24 hours earlier, that is, it can be during actual day. If needed, the meeting can be right before the company performs the service.

Additional supplies if needed.  * See Pet Supply Pickup below

Veterinarian Taxi


Per Way

Every pet needs to have their  health assured. It’s our pleasure to help you to do that. Whether you need to have us take your pet due to work or logistics, we’re happy to help.

We will take the pets to their veterinarian appointments, so the pet parent does not have to take special time off for veterinarian visits.

If the pet owner wants us to remain with pet, the veterinarian’s office must be made aware that our company is standing in on the pet parent’s behalf.

Remain with pet for appointment:$15.00/hour (2-hour minimum)Your veterinarian MUST be made aware that our company is standing in on the pet parent’s behalf. Prior financial arrangement with your veterinarian must be made to assure that they are paid for their services. If no prior arrangements were made and our company must pay the veterinarian, then there will be a surcharge added to our services. $100.00 (per animal) plus veterinarian invoice

Grooming Taxi


Per way

The pets are still getting their daily needs met with little interruption to the pet owner.

Again, to try and make the pet parent’s life as easy as possible, without them having to take time off from their daily duties.

If the pet parent would like us to remain with pet.  $15/hour (2 hour minimum)

Complimentary With Each Animal Session:

To honor our continual commitment of open communication, we will text a photo(s) and a brief report of  your pet at the completion of each session to ensure that they are safe and sound. 


Key Pickup/Drop Off:

We require 2 copies of the client’s key. One copy for the pet sitter and one to remain in our office as long as the client is a customer of ours. However, if the client does not want to provide us with a key to retain then we can offer a pick up and drop off service of the key. The scheduled time for pickup/drop off will be at the convenience of our company.

$15.00 / One way

Before/After Hours:

Additional $22.00 for services before 7am, or after 7pm

Facetime or Skype With Your Furbaby:

$15.00/10 minutes or portion thereof

Holiday Fee:

A one-time flat fee added for services scheduled during the following holidays:

  • Memorial Day weekend (Friday through Monday)
  • Independence Day week/weekend (TBD)
  • Labor Day Weekend (Friday through Monday)
  • Thanksgiving week (Wednesday through Sunday)
  • Christmas Day/New Year’s (approximately December 20 through January 1)

$20.00 additional to regular fees

Out Of Service Area:

(included but not limited to Hilton Head Island, anything west of 170) It is the direction of the pet sitter if going out of the service area is feasible.

$25.00 additional fee

Payment Policy:

We take cash or checks made out to C. Barley Pet Services, LLC. We require payment before Client’s departure date either at the initial consultation or in a designated area in the client’s home prior to departure. If you are a daily dog walking client, then payment is due every Friday.

$35.00 Return check fee.