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The Story of C. Barley Pet Services:

My name is Lewis Horowitz. I started C. Barley Pet Services to provide loving, in-home pet care in the Bluffton, Hilton Head and Okatie area.

My love for animals began when I was very young. I grew up on a farm in upstate New York with several cats, dogs, and even a horse. And I enjoyed caring and nurturing for each and every one of our animals. After high school, I left the farm to attend college and got my BS degree in education, and AS in Mortuary Science. I spent the next 18 years as a Licensed Funeral Director beginning in Hilton Head Island, then in Bluffton, Florida, Virginia, and Maryland.

My wife and I adopted two cats (Teena, and the late Charley “Barley”) on our one year wedding anniversary. A short time later, friends were relocating out of state for work and could not bring their cat Rosie with them. So we offered to take her in and care for her as one of our own!

Charley “Barley” Cat

I absolutely love all of our kitties, but Charley “Barley” had a special part of my heart. Charley “Barley” became ill and passed away on March 4, 2017.

I took Charley “Barley’s” death very hard, and something in me that day shifted. I knew from that day on that I wanted to take care of animals for the rest of my life — to love, care, nurture, and protect them. My education, training and prior career experiences helped me to hone qualities and attributes that will assist me in running a successful, in-home pet care business.

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I am a very proud supporter of the philosophy of the “no kill” rescue mission. When I decided to pursue in-home pet care for the rest of my life, it only came naturally to seek volunteer work to be around animals.

In Alexandria, VA, I was a member of an organization called Operation Paws for Homes from April 2018 until my relocation to Bluffton in August of 2018. I spent my time off assisting in transporting dogs that were rescued from kill shelters in the south. I would bring them to adoption events, temporary kennels, to foster homes and even my home for an overnight of spoiling from my wife and I.

Joining Palmetto Animal League

I did some research on Palmetto Animal League (PAL) before my arrival to Bluffton and knew that is where I wanted to volunteer. PAL is a private, not for profit, no-kill animal rescue organization, located in Okatie.

I immediately called PAL upon my arrival, which happened to be the day the governor of South Carolina initiated a hurricane evacuation that summer. I asked them if they needed any assistance with a possible evacuation of the shelter. At the time they were fine, and they were going to hunker down and wait it out. I became a volunteer the very next day as a cat caregiver. I had to take a brief class on dog walking to be able to walk the kennel dogs. PAL is set up with a multitude of rooms full of cats for you to go in and simply be pounced on.

Volunteering with PAL

I absolutely love to go in and just sit down and have them come up to me, and either cuddle, talk with, or just play with my shoelace. Soon thereafter I met James Reed, dog care supervisor, who took me out with a dog and showed me how to properly walk the dogs by PAL standards. I also am involved in their food distribution program to help families who need assistance with feeding their animals. PAL receives the food donations, the food is then mixed, bagged and delivered to various places around the area. PAL is near and dear to my heart, and I know I will help and support them for many years to come.

Want to volunteer, adopt or donate? Please visit www.palmettoanimalleague.org or stop by their location at 56 Riverwalk Boulevard, Okaite, SC 29936.

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