Pet Collar Vs. Pet Harness

Pet collars vs pet harnasses

Whether you’re taking a slow stroll with your older pooch or a vigorous walk with a new puppy, you need a reliable dog collar or harness. There are pros and cons for both.

For dogs who can pull a Houdini and escape from their collar, harnesses are a great alliterative to the traditional dog collar. Generally, harnesses are better for your dog’s overall health by alleviating back pain and less likely to pull against the dog’s throat, potentially causing injuries. Harnesses might make it easier to train excited puppies who like to pull.

Harnesses with a front clip also can cut down on your dog’s tendency to pull during walks. However, harnesses can be a challenge to properly fit your dog. If your harness is too loose, the dog can escape. And if it’s too snug, this can be uncomfortable and even painful for the dog. Harnesses also make it difficult for pet IDs to be visible.

Dog collars are easy to wear and come in a wide variety of colors, fit and comfort levels. Collars also require less physical effort to use. However, collars make it easier for dogs to escape if not fitted well. And collars can make it worse for dogs with pre-existing medical conditions such as back pain, a history of neck and throat problems and even glaucoma.

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