Pet Boarding Vs. Pet Sitting

The moment you decide to become a pet parent, it’s important to know your beloved family member is healthy and happy. But what happens when you go on a trip? Traveling with your pet can cause undue stress on your pet which can lead to sickness and just a unpleasant travel conditions. Who will make sure your pet receives the care and comfort they deserve? Fortunately, there are options to either board your pet or to hire a professional pet sitter. But what do you do when your pets don’t do well in boarding facilities?

The benefits of professional pet sitters:

Give yourself and your pet peace of mind

Don’t you feel better when you’re sleeping in your own bed?  Oh, the comfort and warmth! Well, your pet feels the same way; they are much more comfortable in their own bed at home.  It’s less anxiety on the pet as they are in their own environment, comfortable with the norm.

Stay on schedule

Professional pet sitters maintain the pet’s normal feeding routine and exact diet plan. When you board your pet, you can bring your pets’ own food, but how do you know that they are really getting the exact food you sent?

Avoid illnesses

The pet is not exposed to illness and other unpleasant health issues. Just like sending your child to school, when you board your pet, they may be exposed to illnesses from being around other animals.

One-on-one time

A pet sitter gives your pet is the one-on-one time they get — lots of belly rubs, uninterrupted play time, and just plain keeping them happy. At a boarding facility, your pet is one of many and may not get much human attention. Boarding facilities can be a very noisy environment and always active, so it could cause unwanted stress.

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