What to expect from C Barley Pet Sitting Cat Visits

Cat visits are a little more simplistic than any other pet visit, in that cats are usually more independent  and less demanding of your time.  We try to keep to a plan that reflects their normal daily routine. 

During the  Meet and Greet, we discuss their feeding times and exactly the food and amount that they get every day. Next , we talk about their litter box and the specifics of that task.  With today’s technology , there are so many varieties of litter boxes to use — from the basic cardboard, plastic, and biodegradable to the ones that are self-cleaning. 

Finally, we talk about how social the cats are and their playtime routines if they have any. 

Just like everything, there are always exceptions to the rules, when it comes to cat care. I have very social cats that want to be with me the whole visit and receive all of my attention; then, I have cats that come out to eat and don’t want any social time and some that won’t come out at all.  We make sure that we put our eyes on the cats every visit, so if they are in hiding, we have to play hide and seek to make sure they are ok and healthy.

Sometimes, it’s very difficult because cats are masters of hiding and really try to not be found.  So basically our cat visits are to maintain the cat’s normal routine, keep their potty clean, play and attention if the kitties want it, and to maintain visuals on all our animals to ensure a healthy environment.  

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