Keep your pets cool this summer!

dogs eating watermelon summer heat

Don’t let the fun and sun of summer fool you. Summer’s heat can be very dangerous to a dog — especially in the Lowcountry! That’s why it’s important to take extra precautions with your furry family member during the summer if you want to keep them happy and safe.

Here are tips to protect your pet from summer’s sweltering heat:

Provide plenty of clean drinking water: 

Always have a good supply of fresh, clean water. Avoid metal drinking bowls, which can get extra hot, especially if left out in the sun. Instead, use a plastic, tip-proof bowl and place it in a shaded part of your yard. Add ice to the water throughout the day to help keep it cool and refreshing for your pet.

A pet in a closed vehicle is not cool: 

It should go without saying to never leave a pet in a closed vehicle on a typical summer 100-degree day. What you might know is that it’s the deceptively pleasant days of spring and early summer that can be the most dangerous. Pets are affected by heat much more quickly than humans. Leaving a pet in a car for even a minute can have a deadly outcome. Remember that cars heat up fast — even with the windows cracked!

Keep your AC on inside your home:

If you’re sweating inside, then it’s also too hot for your dog. Turn on your air conditioning and set it to a comfortable temperature. Leave on the AC even when you’re not going to be home, but your dog is. If you don’t like sitting in a hot house, imagine how a dog would feel. 

Keep your pet well-groomed:

Not only does a well-groomed dog look better, it also will make them more comfortable in the summer heat. This in turn should cut down on the shedding that happens inside the home. Grooming also help protect pets against unwanted pests like ticks and fleas. Don’t shave them completely, you’ll risk your dog getting a bad sunburn.

Add a cooling pet mat to their bedding:

Set up a cool and comfortable place inside your home for your dog. They need somewhere to go to relax when they need it. A cooling pet mat on their bedding will help them stay cooler and more comfortable. Most cooling mats stay cool for three days before they need to be soaked in cool water again.

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