Moo Moo is a 10-year-old Pit Bull — the sweetest boy you would ever meet. I started walking Moo Moo in January as his Mama was ill and just couldn’t walk him. I would walk him three times a day and even overnight as his Mom had to seek treatment out of the house.

Unfortunately his mother passed away in March, so I continued to take care of him as the family decided what would be best for him. He was living with two of my friends who decided to foster him until the family decides his care. They fell in love with Moo Moo and are looking to adopt him, take care of him and let him live his best life!

If you meet Moo Moo, you would be kissed all over your face and probably become best friends fast. He is full of energy and such a lover. He enjoys long walks, belly rubs, lots of attention, and, of course, lots of treats!

Take a look at his picture and you can’t help but fall in love.

Pit Bulls are a wonderful breed that are lovable and very loyal. They demand a lot of attention but they are lovable and loyal. Pit Bulls get a bad rap in the media. The only thing I can say is “It is all in how you bring them up. If you’re kind, loving, and show them love , they will too!”

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